Kidney Bean Salad!

Buttons and her friend Thor!
Buttons and her friend Thor!

Hi Friends!
Thor and I were in the Tack Room kitchen today and he thought that a nice healthy recipe from Grandma’s cookbook would be a wise choice. We looked and found this really good one that has a great taste and good source of protein too!!

Grandma loved her salads and in the Spring and Summer this particular salad would grace the table. We have had a really cold winter and our thoughts here in the barn are longing for Spring so we are bringing a little taste of warmer times and summer picnics now just to get us in the spirit!

Kidney Bean Salad


1 cup dark red kidney beans
1/2 cup chopped celery
2 chopped hard cooked eggs
2 Tablespoons of chopped sweet relish
2 Tablespoons of chopped pimento
1 Tablespoon of finely chopped onion
1 teaspoon of salt
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1 cup cucumber

Combine all the ingredients and server cold on crisp lettuce leaves. Serves 4!

We hope you’ll enjoy this recipe for a yummy side dish that would be a great lunch or great for picnics!


Wilbur’s Hot Cocoa!


Hi friends!

It’s been a very chilly few days! The cold made Pudge and the barn pals long for a good batch of hot cocoa so we reached up on the shelf and brought down the Wilbur’s Cocoa! Wilbur buds are very popular in our area of Lancaster County and so is their hot cocoa. They have a recipe available on the container so I thought I’d share it with you so you can enjoy the soothing sweet treat on a cold winter day.


For each cup of cocoa, mix together 1 heaping teaspoon Wilbur’s Cocoa with 1 teaspoon sugar, a pinch of salt and 1 tablespoon of water. Boil mixture until slightly thickened. Add 1 cup scalding milk. Heat thoroughly, but do not boil. Add whipped cream and/or marshmallows!

Pudge and the barn pals like LOTS of marshmallows so I gave them a bunch.

We hope that you all stay warm and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa!

Prune Cake!


Hi Friends!

This week we have a very delicious cake and probably not one you may have thought of! My Grandma had the best prune cake ever!! We have enjoyed this warm from the oven with homemade whipped cream and it is so wonderful! This is really nice on a winter day with a cup of hot tea! It’s one of her recipes from decades ago but also one we still enjoy very much today.

So here are the list of ingredients. It is so easy to make too. Just mix up all ingredients and bake in a moderate oven until done.


2 cups prunes mashed fine
2 eggs, beat eggs and prunes together
2 1/2 cups of flour
1 cup of sugar
1 teaspoon of ground cloves
2 teaspoons of cinnamon
1 teaspoon baking soda

Bake and enjoy warm with fresh whipped cream or even a dollop of ice cream!

Graham Bread! An Old Recipe and Family Favorite!


Hi everyone!

Hee hee! One of my favorites from Grandma’s recipe book is yummy Graham Bread hot from the oven!! This sweet treat gives a little pizazz to the morning cup of tea or coffee and I highly recommend this easy to make recipe. It’s easy to eat too!!


1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup Baking Mollassas
1 level tablespoon of shortening
1 level tablespoon of baking soda
1 “tea” cup of sour milk
pinch of salt
Enough Graham flour only to thicken.

Mix all ingredients together, put mixture into small loaf pan and bake at 350 degrees until done. Take out of the oven, slice and put a pat of butter on the warmed slices!

We hope you enjoy!!

Cheese or Welsh Rarebit!

Buttons and her pals Mable and Cruella!
Buttons and her pals Mable and Cruella!

Hi Friends!

I have a delightful dish for you! My Grandma used to serve this on cold days for a quick supper or lunch. We loved it and it was a great comfort food for us. Gave us the warmth from the dish and we liked the cheesy taste! Pudge calls it cheese rabbit, but that’s not so Pudge!

Try it over toast, english muffins, rice, potatoes, eggs or anything really. We used to enjoy it over pumpernickle toast and sometimes we had tomato soup with it.

We hope you enjoy it!


Make a white sauce using:

1 Cup of Milk
1 Tablespoon of butter
2 Tablespoons of flour with a dash of salt and pepper.

Cook until thick and then add from 1/4 to 1/2 pound of cheese of your choice cut up fine.

Serve up on wafers or toast! Don’t forget to sprinkle with paprika!